Ending your life is not your choice

10.30 pm.. my mobile rings and it's my daughter who is staying in the hostel doing her PG.  My instinct told me that it is not good news.  With a trembling voice, she said, 'Mama, I'm fine..ok..'  I was puzzled.  Did she call me to tell this?  No, the worst is yet to come.. I waited for her to talk.
'Mama, C______ passed away..she hanged herself just an hour ago. but, don't worry, I'm ok..'  I could feel the shock in her voice, or was it pain?

My heart skipped a beat.  In the beginning of the academic year, when we went to leave our daughter in the hostel, we got introduced to a cheerful, brilliant looking girl and her young and charming mother. She was also joining first year PG and she was also from our city.

For the past ten months, how many times she had travelled with our daughter for weekends.  When we go to the bus stop to leave her in the early morning, mom and daughter would be waiting there cheerfully.

Can't believe that she is no more. That too, it is not natural death is unacceptable.  After the initial shock and grief, anger started building up. Why do we hear of so many suicides among the youngsters? What do they lack?  They get whatever they want as only one or two children in each family.  Petted and pampered. They have all the latest gadgets, freedom to do on-line purchase, etc.

The children of today are more exposed to the world than the generations of the past.  They are smart and brilliant.  But why can't they handle any problem in life boldly? They choose to give up.  It's pity that they think, ending life is the only solution to come out of a problem.  It is a totally selfish decision.  Won't they think for a moment about their loved ones?  After loosing their only child, she wanted her parents to spend the rest of their lives in mourning for her?  How unfair!

Universities and colleges should take serious steps to eradicate this practice.

1. Students should be made to realise their self worth.
2. They should be taught to deal with their shortcomings and failures in a healthy way.
3. People commit suicide because they want to escape from dealing with a crisis.  If they know that committing suicides leads them to a never ending torture, they would not do it.  Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "Whoever throws himself down from a mountain and kills himself, he will be in the Fire of Hell throwing himself down for ever and ever. Whoever drinks poison and kills himself will have the poison in his hand, drinking it in the Fire of Hell for ever and ever. Whoever kills himself with a piece of iron (i.e. a weapon) will have that piece of iron in his hand, stabbing himself in the stomach with it in the Fire of Hell forever and ever." (Compiled in Sahih Bukhari).
4. The value of life is priceless. It was given by God and only He has the right to take it.
5. Our problems may be solved tomorrow or the next week or the next month or the next year.  But, if we end our life, it will not come back.  Besides, the life after death is going to be worse.
6.  Persons with depression should not be allowed to be alone.  They should be encouraged to be with people.
7. Parents and teachers should win the trust of their wards so that they turn to them if they are depressed.
8.  Ending your life is not your choice.  It is your Creator and Sustainer's choice.

Life is beautiful.  Hardships that we face, make us value happiness .  Giving thanks to God who created us and the parents through whom we came into this world is, to 'live' a meaningful life. 


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