Say ‘Yes’ to the World!!  What a positive key word! Saying ‘yes’ when you really want to say ‘no’ must have landed you in trouble sometime.  But that is not always the case.  Be positive, develop tremendous self confidence.  Look around, be friendly with everyone, keep smiling, you will realize how beautiful this world is!

Let me share my experience..

When I went to a Gulf country in my late twenties, I found a huge expatriate community where people from different countries, with different skin colors, speaking different languages, following different cultures and faiths.  I also found lot of Indians from different states.

Obviously, many Arabs were also found in the souks, hospitals and malls.  Strangely, I found my new friends having only Indian friends.  When I asked them about the Arabs, they were not very enthusiastic and nor did they have anything much to say, other than, ‘oh.. they are not very friendly people’. When I asked about the westerners too, the same reply came. This surprised me.

I decided not to contaminate my idea of openness, with the opinions of others.
When my job search started, I found many ads in the classifieds, asking for westerners. I checked some senior about this and they said, it is the indirect way of asking for ‘whites’.  They also said there is racism and no one deny. I pondered over this and thought, why not try it myself.  I applied to a MNC who had asked for a ‘Western educated’ administrator.  Me, with my schooling in my regional language and a simple bachelor’s degree, but with a mega size optimism, applied for that post.

I did receive a call for an interview.  Then I passed the English test and computer test given by them.  There was one person in the interview committee who asked the other members to give at least one valid reason to reject me.  To cut the long story short, I landed in that cushy job. I enjoyed the job, the attractive pay and my multi cultural work atmosphere.  The world indeed is beautiful!

People had also put bad ideas about the cab drivers there.  Once, when I was dropping my child in the crèche, I left my bag containing my cards, cash and house key.  The cabbie left the place after dropping me. When I realized that I didn’t take my bag, people around gave pathetic looks and told me not to expect my bag to be returned as it had money in it. But I stood there for nearly forty minutes with hope in humanity.  The cabbie did return and was furious with my carelessness and for making him come back all the way.  When he returned my things, I found everything intact!  

Isn't the world filled with beautiful people and don't we have to be thankful for being blessed with wonderful people? That is why I love the world

The world indeed is beautiful.. if you learn to say ‘YES’.


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