“Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable.” Said Denis Waitley  

When you find something bothering in your life, you need to change what is bothering you.  Make a list of things that you do not like in your life.  Take each item and see if it is changeable or not.

 If your two wheeler is giving you a lot of problem, it is changeable.  Either repair it or sell it or buy a new one if you can afford. If you cannot afford to repair or buy a new one, still you are open with the option of getting rid of it and using the public transport until you can afford to buy a better one.  So, this situation is changeable and change it!

Secondly, if being the eldest child of your family bothers you, obviously it cannot be changed.  It will be utter foolishness to fret about it. So, as Waitley said, accept the unchangeable.  That will be the wisest thing to do. 

Thirdly, check moving from the pressing situation is possible.  If you find it feasible, then take Waitley’s advice and remove yourself from the unacceptable.

Some years ago, when I found myself in a stressful situation in my job as the head of a women’s academy, I tried to change the unacceptable things in the academy.  Things were not working out as the management was very rigid and uncooperative.  All efforts to change the situation were not appreciated.  This resulted in mental tension and deteriorating health.
One day, when I was reading the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him),  I was in the chapter which was explaining the agony and stress he was undergoing in Makkah, where he was conveying the divine message of oneness of God.  His enemies were giving him and his followers a very hard time.  He tried with patience and sincerity to change the situation, but of no avail.  After struggling for thirteen long years, he realizes that if he spends all his time and energy in fighting with those foolish people, he won’t be able to carry out his responsibilities as a messenger.  So, he decides to remove himself from the situation and migrates to Madeena a town in Saudi Arabia. Another ten years until his death, he lived there doing his duties as a messenger and as a ruler too.

This inspired me!  I decided to remove myself from the unacceptable situation and yes, the next day gave my resignation.  What next?  As I realized that I would enjoy being my own boss, I started to work from home as a recruiting consultant, a writer, a translator and a social worker too.   Yes, it worked for me and I am sure, it will work for you too! Change when change is inevitable!


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