Neem - A Gift from God

Neem – A Gift From God

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Teenage – is full of dreams, colorful dreams!  You are the hero or heroine of your stories or even movies that you dream.  You are looking for not only approval but something above that – appreciation from around you.  You want to look the best, you want to wear the best and you want to stand out from the crowd.  You don’t realize how much time you spend in front of the mirror. 

Cleansing your face hundred times, applying the most expensive cream on your face, but nothing helps to fight a common enemy who is a destroyer of pleasure – PIMPLES!  Everyone goes through this journey at least once in his/her life time.  It might seem to be a trivial matter when you grow out of that phase and look back after many years.  But when you undergo the problem of pimples all over your face that seems to be the most annoying factor in your life.

A small pimple erupts on your plain clear skin.  I try to ignore it, but the next day, it is bigger and the following day even bigger.  People start noticing and some even put embarrassing questions to me.  I cringe.  Angry with myself.  Standing in front of the mirror and think stupidly that with my nails I can pluck it away.  The moment I did it, puzz, blood, burning and pain!  It’s even worse.  The next day more number of pimples all over the face.  No makeup can be applied to hide it.  I looked horrible. How will I go to college? But an important test cannot be missed.  Trying to cover up the mess with a handkerchief when entering the class, a girl purposely pulls my shield and there I stand – some look at me with sympathy, some with mocking expression.  I felt like crying, but walked into the class controlling all my feelings. 

Evening, when sitting all alone on the terrace gazing at the clear sky and wishing that I had such clear complexion, a warm touch on the shoulder makes me to shudder.  There stands my grand mom, with an understanding and comforting smile.  She walks up to the parapet wall and plucks some fresh, tender neem leaves from the branch that is peeping in to the terrace.

‘See, the remedy is here.  I shall grind this and mix with haldi and sandalwood paste.  Apply the paste on your face and wash off after an hour.  Do not pinch your pimples it will only aggravate the problem.  Continue this treatment for a few days continuously and see the magic on your face.  My grand ma gave this secret recipe to me as a gift when I was suffering from pimples. Now I am passing on this to my granddaughter.’  Her words were like tonic to me.  Under other circumstances I would not have obeyed her.  But now, I wanted a way out of the situation and I followed her instructions and within a week, like magic I got rid of all the pimples and got back my clear complexion! 

It was thirty years ago. But today, I even know the medicinal benefits of neem tree - Anti-inflammatory; Antiarthritic; Antipyretic; Hypoglycaemic; Antigastric ulcer; Spermicidal; Antifungal; Antibacterial; Diuretic; Antimalarial; Antitumour; Immunomodulatory etc. If my granddaughter gets pimples I don’t have to take the trouble of plucking leaves and grinding.   I can get her Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash!

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